The village of Darlington, Western Australia, is located in the hills at the edge of the Darling Ranges some 20 km east of and overlooking the City of Perth. A picturesque suburb with a natural landscape of hills and valleys, it is surrounded almost entirely by excellent natural bushlands which provide wonderful displays of wildflowers. For some 50,000 years indigenous people inhabited and nurtured this land. During the 1880s and 1890s the building of the Eastern Railway attracted early settlers who started to farm the land. Since then it has gradually changed its character becoming an attractive residential suburb. Not surprisingly Darlington has a rich and interesting history.​

Darlington History Group

Formed in July 2010 the Group aims to gather, preserve and promote Darlington’s history for current and future generations. The committee meets regularly, conducts community events, encourages local participation, and works collaboratively with other like-minded organisations.


The Darlington History Group hold regular meetings usually on the second Wednesday of each month. We welcome anyone who enjoys learning about history, people, interesting places and events.

Coming Events - 2019

The Group conducts regular public events designed to promote our local history and that of other localities. We welcome your suggestions and requests. Click on the date in the table below to go to the flyer for that event.

Get Involved!

The Group is brimming with ongoing history projects, which require enthusiastic and talented local volunteers. Assisting in these activities and projects can be personally rewarding and a great way to meet and work alongside other local residents.

You can attend any of the Coming Events (above) or contact the group (refer below) to learn more about its activities and projects

We would welcome your assistance and your presence at any meeting held by the Group and learn about our activities and projects or simply contact the Darlington History Group for more information.

Newsletters and Darlington Review Reports

For the Group’s news and events reported in the local Darlington Review journal, go to: http://www.darlingtonvillage.org/darlington-review/


For Group Newsletters, go to: Publications.

To receive the Group’s regular Newsletters, please send a request to: cliffburns@iprimus.com.au.


On the 8th May, the Darlington History Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ken Harris of 'Lost Darlington'. The agreement will allow sharing of resources and promotion of the history of our village. This will bring benefits to both parties: Lost Darlington will promote DHG's new Facebook page (NOW online) and this website, whilst DHG will  promote Ken's 'Lost Darlington'  Facebook page. (click the blue highlighted links to go to the relevant facebook pages or the icons below)


                   DHG page:                                                                                                                       Lost Darlington page:

Thank you to Lyn Myles and Rob Borsje of DHG and especially the President of the Darlington History Group, Val Shiell and Ken for making this possible. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship into the future.  [click here for the photo]

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Val Shiell


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If you have anything that would be of interest to the Group or if you want further information we would like to hear from you. 


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