Current Projects

Major projects are:

  • History of the Darlington Arts Festival Publication;

  • Darlington Heritage Walk Trails Project;

    • Darlington Heritage Walk Trails

    • Pioneer and Memorial Park

    • Recognising 100 Year Old Historic Establishments

    • Darlington Sidings                                                                             

    • Darlington Vineyard gate

  • Oral Histories;

  • Monthly Guest Speakers;

Other projects requiring community assistance are:

St. Cuthbert’s Church (c. 1924)
(Picture taken in 1958. Used with courtesy of Delys Colquhoun)


The Cockshott family of Bellair, Darlington (taken in 1915) 

(Courtesy of Merial Flecker)

James Maslin’s car at Darlington Station (1961)
(Photo courtesy of Jim Maslin)

History of the Darlington Arts Festival Publication

The Darlington History Group wishes to commission local resident Trea Wiltshire to research and record the history of the Darlington Arts Festival and its unique place in the community. With its beginnings in the 1950s the publication will include many of the stories and photographs of the artists, families and their studios, and how the Festival has influenced the social and cultural lives of Darlington residents. Should local residents have information and photographs about the Festival they are encouraged to contact the Group.

Darlington Heritage Walk Trails Project

This will be a combination of several smaller heritage projects, each dependant upon the others. Separate working teams are currently researching and planning their project with a view to compiling a report. Ultimately the reports will be combined and result in a comprehensive heritage product that will highlight Darlington’s rich historical background. People interested in assisting with one of the separate components are asked to contact the Group.

  • Darlington Heritage Walk Trails

The heritage walk will be designed to visit significant local historical locations and features that will best display Darlington’s history and heritage. The village’s lifestyle and character will be respected and protected throughout the walks. Eventually both standard and digital technology will be used in its presentation.

  • Pioneer and Memorial Park

Together with the recognition of Darlington’s pioneering families the Group plans to provide an opportunity for local residents to memorialise their loved ones as they pass away. The Group wishes to work with the community and individual residents to explore and promote the most appropriate way to establish such a park and location.

  • Recognising 100 Old Historic Establishments

Darlington has more than 80 one hundred year old structures, historical locations and residences. The team will research these significant establishments with a view to recognising them with appropriate uniform interpretive signage that will highlight a sense of time and historical identity.

  • Darlington Sidings

Beside its iconic concrete platform, Darlington has 2 other historically significant railway sidings. The teams will research each siding and explore ideas on how best to recognise each important location as a part of Darlington’s rich pioneering years.

  • Darlington Vineyard Gate

The team will explore the possibility of restoring the original iron gate to its original location.

Oral Histories

One of the Group’s most effective ways to research local history is by recording the precious thoughts and information provided by residents who have lived in the Darlington area for a very long time. The Group has already compiled many such histories, which have been printed, bound and archived for future use.

Some of those oral histories are now published on this website under the 'Talks (Audio)' menu items.

Monthly Guest Speakers

The Group is always open to suggestions for prospective guest speakers and items of interest. Local residents and interested people from afar are all welcome to share an evening’s information and entertainment.

Other Projects dependent upon local community assistance

Streetscape Photography - Roadside Dreaming

Darlington’s appearance is continually and sometimes rapidly changing. This is an important project but requires the assistance of several additional residents. The Group would love to have a digital record of Darlington’s landscape, streets and roads overtime. Such an ongoing historic photographic record of old and current photographs would be a most valuable community asset. Local photography enthusiasts, students or local Camera Club members are encouraged to contact the Group to offer to help with this important project. We envisage that future photographic exhibitions could also be a valuable method of displaying our rich history for the local community.

Railway Reserve Heritage Listing and Interpretive Walk Trail

This is a long term project. It is envisaged that a working party representing various stakeholders will work to formally nominate the Eastern Railway Reserve as a heritage listed precinct with the State Heritage Office. Working collaboratively with local villages/groups along the Eastern Railway it is further proposed that an Interpretive Walk Trail also be developed.


Uniform Municipal Signage

The Group wishes to tackle the problem of unattractive and seemingly ad-hoc form of signage throughout the Shire. Many projects which the Group (and other organisations) wish to undertake are somewhat dependent upon a proper Shire uniform signage policy. If time permits the Group will initiate a working committee that will work with the Shire to overhaul the municipality’s signage.


Arthur Nelson pictured outside 'Tower House', Darlington

(Photo courtesy of Joan Costello) 

'Cairngorm', 1946,

(Photo courtesy of Lyn Myles)

'Blackwood', Darlington, 1940s

(Photo courtesy of  Mike Steele)

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