Darlington Theatre Players (later Marloo Theatre) 

This audio file is a recording of Gail Palmer, made in 2013, discussing the Darlington Theatre Players who later formed the Marloo Theatre when they shifted from Darlington, 

The audio file runs for 27 minutes so you might choose to play the file in segments, in which case click on the playback buttons labelled with the sequence and duration in the lower panel.

The complete recording is large (it is 18 Mbytes) so if you have a slow internet connection, the audio may not be playable until the download has completed. In that case, be patient or listen to the shorter segments.

Darlington Theatre Players - Full recording
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This is the full 27 minute recording.

These are the 10 minute segments

Darlington Theatre Players - Part 1 0-10 mins
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Darlington Theatre Players - Part 2 10-20 mins
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Darlington Theatre Players - Part 3 20-27 mins
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